Agricultural Economics

Department of Agricultural Economics is the oldest departments in the Ethiopian Higher Education. It was among the pioneer department at Haramaya University, begun in 1960 to produce qualified B.Sc. graduates. Currently, the program is being run by various higher learning institutions at different levels of qualifications in Ethiopia. The program contributed a lot to the national economy through producing competitive skilled manpower in areas of socioeconomic research and development, agricultural marketing, agricultural entrepreneurship, policy analysis and resource utilization. Moreover, there is a very broad international status and significance of the program all over the world.

Agricultural Economics department was launched in the 2017/18 Academic year (2010 E.C) under Injibara University, College of Agriculture, Food and Climate Science with a mandated to produce qualified B.Sc. graduates in field of Agricultural Economics. It was begun with two academic staff and 60 undergraduate students (35 male and 25 female). The department adopted harmonized curriculum and hence the implementations have been in line with the harmonized curriculum of the nationally adopted Agricultural Economics curriculum. Thus, currently the department is providing regular program education at B.Sc. level.

Two M.Sc. programs launching efforts are under process and at the final stage to be launched soon. The curriculum review process is completed and approved by senate for one program, namely ‘’M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics’’ and the department has also one additional on-going program (M.Sc. in Project Development and Management), whose need assessment survey was done. Nowadays, Agricultural Economics department has 35 undergraduate students and 7 academic staff, who are actively engaged in teaching, research, and community service work. The department has also laboratory with some important equipment’s. It planned to open MSc program in Project Development and Management in 2024/25.

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Abera Ayalew  Muluken

Tel: +251 91 859 3208