Animal Science

With the increasing growth of the human population and urbanization in Ethiopia, the demand for animal products is on the rise. Meeting this demand necessitates an increase in livestock productivity within the country. Recognizing this reality, the country has prioritized the main theme of food and nnutrition ssecurity, with a particular emphasis on livestock production.

Established in 2017, the Animal Science Department at Injibara University emerged with a core team of five staff members specialized in Animal Production, Animal Nutrition, Animal Genetics and Breeding and Veterinary Medicine. Simultaneously, it welcomed forty-nine regular students into its academic program. The Animal Science department objectives include producing skilled professionals, pioneering innovative research, and extending outreach services to local communities. With a strong commitment to disseminating of knowledge and addressing global challenges within the food and agriculture sector, it actively benefits youth, women, and the broader community. It serves as pivotal center for pioneering research, education and community engagement in animal science, promoting sustainable food production practices. 

The Animal Science Department now offers a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Animal Science for undergraduates. Additionally, it provides graduate degree programs in Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Nutrition and Animal Production. The department is staffed with highly qualified faculty members boasting diverse expertise in various aspects of animal science. These dedicated educators and researchers hold advanced degrees from reputable institutions and have extensive experience in teaching, research, and community service. They are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research projects aimed at addressing pressing challenges in animal agriculture and advancement knowledge in the field. The Animal Science Department’s research spans various areas crucial to animal agriculture, such as:

  • Genetics and breeding for enhanced livestock productivity and resilience to environmental challenges.
  • Nutrition to optimize feed formulations and enhancing animal performance.
  • Sustainable livestock management practices to promote environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

Through partnerships with farmers, government agencies, and stakeholders, the Animal Science Department at Injibara University is dedicated to serving the local community, advancing the agricultural sector, and providing expertise, technical assistance, and training to address the needs of livestock producers. Overall, it plays a vital role in advancing knowledge, training professionals, and fostering innovation in animal agriculture, contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the country.

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Dr. Destaw Worku Mengistu


Tel:  +251 913313671