Esubalew Mekuriaw Birie

Full Name Esubalew Mekuriaw Birie
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • MSc in Clinical Midwifery from Bahir Dar University (2018 to 2020)
  • BSc. in Midwifery from Bahir Dar University (2015 to 2018)
  • Diploma in Midwifery Nursing from Bahir Dar Health Science College (2006-2008)
Working Experience
  •  Lecturer at Injibara University (24/2022 to Present)
  •   Chief Technical Assistant and Lab Manager/College Skill Lab Coordinator at Bahir Dar University (April 07/2014 to February 23/2022)
  • Senior Midwife at Hidasie Debre Markos Health Center (June 24/2011 to September 03/2013)
  • Senior Midwife and Team Leader at Finote-Selam District Hospital Center (September 30/2010 to June 23/2011).
  • Midwife and Health Center Head at Ankesha Guwagusa Woreda- Buya Health Center (November 02/2009 to September 29/2010)
Research Interest
  • Skill Teaching and Related
  • Leadership
  • Advanced Family Planning Methods, Maternal and Child Health
  • Utilization of intra uterine contraceptive device and associated factors among reproductive age group of family planning users in Han Health Center, Bahir Dar, North West Amhara, Ethiopia, 2018.
  • Consistent condom utilization and associated factors among HIV positive clients attending ART clinic at Pawi general hospital, North West Ethiopia. 16.2
Address College of Medicine and Health Sciences

 Tel: +251 918144159