Getachew Debalkew

Full NameGetachew Debalkew Sinshaw
Academic RankChief technical instructor
Education BackgroundMED. in teaching physical education from Addis Ababa University (30/11/2008 E.C – 20/09/ 2010 E .CBSc. in Sport Science from Wollo University (07/3/2003 E.C – 27/10/2005 E.C
Working ExperienceChief technical instructor at Injibara University (26/02/2014 E.C to Present)Senior technical assistant at Debrebirhan university(14/05/2012/25/02/2024 E.C)Sport science teacher from Agency for refugee and returnee affairs (ARRA) at Kule refugee camp under Gambella Refugee program coordination office. (10/02/2010 to 08/05/2012 E.C )Sport science teacher at Dizza secondary and preparatory school. (01/01/2005-30/12/2009 E.C)
Research interestPhysical activity and painful menstruationExercise prescription for hypokinetic diseasePhysical fitness and academic achievementComparison of body weight, free weight, and machine exercise for strengthMorning and afternoon exercise on weight loss.Machine and floor exercise on weight loss
Additional skillFootball refereeing (Federal level)Table tennis coaching (first levelFootball coaching(first level)Physical fitness coaching (first level)
AddressCollege of Natural and Computational Science, Injibara UniversityOffice: Building -04, Office No: 205Tel: +251 9180910350Email: