Pediatric and Child Health Nursing

Pediatric nursing is a specialization of the nursing profession that focuses on pediatrics and the medical care of children, from infancy to the teenage. It focuses preventive, curative and rehavilative care for that population below 18 years old. In past days, before expanding of nursing profession the care was given by the comprehensive nurse. Now days, in order to deliver quality of care for patients nursing profession split in to pediatric nursing, Emergency and critical care nursing, surgical nursing e.t.c.

The Ethiopian government implement different strategies in order to improve the health of the children reduce the mortality rate of the child. However, its plan was not fully achieved as the government planned. One of the contributing factors for this might be scarcity of trained pediatric nursing professionals.   

In line to the above reason, Injibara University declared Pediatrics and child health program in 2014E.C. The department initially started with 2 staffs and 14 students. The department didn’t have its own department office and head for short period of time. Now a time it has 5 lectures and 1 assistant professor active staffs .It has 11 3rd year and 16 2nd year students. The department is one of the popular department in the college in line to providing quality of education, participating in community service and problem solving research.

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Tamiru Alene Woleli


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