The Department of Pharmacy is one of the new departments opened by the College of Medicine and Health Science in 2014 E.C and has been receiving and teaching students since its inception. Organized department office with desks and furniture;  doing numerous efforts to organize  a skill lab that can be used for teaching as well as conducting  problem solving research and provides meaningful community service and quality education.

The Department of Pharmacy is currently receiving and teaching a total of 73 (28 second year, 45 first years) students in the first degree. The department currently has 9 (1 Ass. professor, 2 lecturers, 4 Assistant lecturers and 2 technical assistants) staffs and the department working on  the vision of delivering education by qualified and professional teachers, producing effective, qualified and competitive pharmacists, conducting and disseminating useful and problem-solving researches and community services  and benefiting  the community from the results.

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