The Physics Department at Injibara University is one of the eight departments within the Natural and Computational Sciences College (NCSC). It was established in 2017 and provides a four-year program that culminates in a B.Sc. in Physics. Furthermore, two second-degree specializations in Astrophysics and Condensed Matter Physics were introduced by the Department. There are currently 197 undergraduate students in the department; 175 are summer students and 22 are regular students. In the meantime, 28 postgraduate students are supported by the department through the summer and Extension program.

The Department now employs 22 Staff members: 3 lab technicians (two B.Sc. holders and one Master’s degree holder), 2 PhD holders, 15 Master’s degree holders, and 4 staff members pursuing PhD studies. Solid State Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Geophysics, Astrophysics, Quantum Physics, Space Physics, Statistical and Computational Physics, Nuclear Physics, and Electronics are among the diverse specializations that qualify the workforce. All things considered, the Department is heavily involved in problem-solving research, enhancing community involvement, and technology transfer.

The Department has been in the forefront of teaching-learning, research, and community service activities since its founding. Additionally, the department aims to produce better students, entrepreneurs, academics, and industry professionals, and most importantly, decent people who can work morally and ethically to improve society. All of these efforts will eventually contribute to the creation of a strong nation during difficult and ever-changing times.

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Tekile Lisanu (PhD)