Department of psychiatry, one of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences’ departments, was established in 2014 E.C. The department now has two (2) student batches: the Second and third year batches, totaling twenty-seven students. In addition, the department has 4 academic staffs in total: – 3 Assistant professors and 1 lecturer. All of whom are involved in University-sponsored research initiatives and community service.

In Ethiopia, the average prevalence of mental illnesses is 11% in children and 15% in adults. Currently, Ethiopia has the fewest psychiatry professionals in comparison to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Mental health is categorized as one of public health importance diseases and one of component of primary health care (PHC). Ethiopia identified it as one of the priorities in its policies and strategies. According to the Federal Ministry of Health human resources strategy (HR 2020) 3332 B.Sc. psychiatry professionals are required; i.e. one for each health center, 800 M.Sc. level psychiatry professionals; i.e. one for each primary hospitals and 80 psychiatrists; i.e. one for each general hospital are needed. So the training is expected to address some of this huge demand of mental health professionals in the country.

Objectives of the program is to produce competent, compassionate and committed Psychiatry professionals who undertake preventive, curative and rehabilitative mental health services and compatible to the needs of the population and that would meet the present and future priority mental health needs of the Ethiopian population and fulfil international professional standards.

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Yigreme Ali Chekole


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