Teklehewot Mekonnen

Full Name
Tekelhiowt   Mekonnen Getahun
Academic Rank Lecturer
Education Background
  • MSc  in Software Engineering  from Bahir Dar University (07/02/2012 E.C )-  07/07/2014 E.C
  • BSc in  Software Engineering  from Bahir Dar University  (12/02/2007 E.C- 27/11/201 E.C)
Working Experience
  • Lecturer at Injibara University (18/ 02/2015 to Present)
Research Interest
  • Data Science and Big data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing and  Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Analysis of Algorithm Software Testing
  • Software testing and 



College of Natural and Computational Science,  Injibara University
Office:  Natural and Computational Science  Building, Office No: 202
Tel: +251 918783495
Email: Teklhiwot@gmail.com