Accounting and Finance

Background of Accounting and Finance Department

The department of Accounting and Finance is established in the yeare 2017  with the objective of providing quality education, to strengthen, develop and promote the professional skills of the students/learners in the fields of Accounting and Finance; committed to be true and genuine development oriented agent striving in solving practical problems of the country through conducting research works in the thematic area of Accounting, finance and taxation and delivering community services in those selected areas. Accounting and Finance started its function with 5 Male Academic staffs and 140 students under the regular program. 

In 2021 academic year, 128(92 Male & 36 Female) under graduate regular students were graduated in the month of January and similarly in the same year during the month of July 116 regular undergraduate students have been graduated from the Accounting and Finance Department. In the present year, the Accounting and Finance Department has total of 39 (23 Male & 16 Female) students in regular undergraduate program and a total of 533 (271 male & 262 female) extension undergraduate students and a total of 40 post graduate students. The Department have 12 (10 Male & 2 Female) academic staffs of which 10 are on duty and 2 are on study leave for third degree (PhD).

As one discipline of business and Economics College, Department of Accounting and Finance is producing a number of accounting professionals in first degree since its opening in regular and evening programs. It is also contributing its effort through participating in research and community service activity. The department is committed in delivering high-quality, accessible and affordable programs to a diverse student population and as one part of continuous improvement the department is to commence post graduate study in 2021. This new program has an objective to produce present and future leaders in Accounting, Auditing and Finance practices and relevant skills through implementing student-centered, high quality and viable programs