Background of Economics Department

There are two fundamental facts that laid foundation for the discipline called economics. These are Unlimited Wants and Limited resources. The need to balance unlimited wants with limited resources has raised the question of efficient utilization of scarce resources. To allocate economic resources efficiently the discipline called economics has emerged. The Department of Economics was first launched in 1953 in Ethiopia with the objective of addressing the country’s trained human power shortage in the field of Economics. The program provides instruction on economic theories and a rigorous foundation in the analytical tools and applied areas of economics, relying on mathematical and statistical techniques.

Economics department was one of pioneered department in Injibara University in 2017. it was established with three staffs specialized in natural resource and environmental economics, policy analysis economics and development economics. Moreover, economics department was started with given academic service for 51 regular students in the same year. Since 2017 all staffs were actively engaged in Injibara University academic affairs (more than 12 participations), seminar (more than 7 presentations), and community service (more than 6), research projects (more than 8 published papers, more than 7 ongoing) and Ethiopian economic association (membership meeting). The department was a role model in student support and initiation (all staffs), international scholarship program (1 staff win Italy scholarship) and academic promotion (1 staff gained accelerated promotion to assistant professor).  Nowadays, economics department has 12 staffs who provide extension and regular undergraduate programs and facilitate preconditions to open post graduate program.