Marketing Management

Background of Marketing Management Department

In the business world of 21st century, providing superior customer value than competitors is one of the key issues to succeed in business. Efficient and strategic marketing program is a means to achieve this objective which is an outcome effective marketing management practices.

Department of Marketing Management is one of the seven departments in the college of business and economics, Injibara University. The Program is designed to provide a learning opportunity and train prospects who would like to pursue their career in the field of “Marketing Management”.  Students on this program will get an exciting opportunity to combine business knowledge with professional expertise and develop the confidence to look forward to a career to understand, create, communicate, and deliver value and satisfaction to customers.

The program has been started with two staff by enrolling 42 students in 2017.  As per to the current data the department has about 8 staff which all of them are lecturer. In addition two batch 42 and 62 regular program students were graduated from our department.