Tourism and Hotel Management


Since the last four years, two separate departments namely Hotel Management and Tourism Management were open and under operation independently. The new department, Tourism and Hotel Management, is a result of these departments after they are merged in the end of 2022 by recommendation of the Ministry of Education. Department of Hotel Management started its operation in 2017 with 43 undergraduate students in the regular modality from which 35 of them graduated in 2021. The department has also let 36 students graduated in the second phase.

Currently, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management has 15 academic staff and 56 students. In order to enhance learning and teaching activities, the department has its own practical laboratory. While the department has only undergraduate program, it envisions to open postgraduate programs too.

The major courses of the program include Tourism Management, Heritage Management, Tourism Planning and Development, Tourism and Hotel Marketing, Food and Beverage Preparation Management, Food and Beverage Service Management, Front Office Management, Housekeeping Management and Management Studies.